Module One. Week Two.


Class One

American Kickboxing

Typically, American kickboxing is above the waist. No leg kicks, knee strikes, or elbows. It’s not as brutal or hard on the body as many of the older kickboxing systems like Muay Thai.

First American kickboxing fight: Joe Lewis vs Greg Baines. Lewis won by KO in round 2. Joe Lewis was the first martial arts superstar. He won the heavyweight title on ABC TV in 1974. In 1974 Mike Anderson created the Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA). The PKA  World Championships aired on ABC in 1974 as the highest rated program of the season. Joe Lewis won Heavyweight. Jeff Smith won Light-Heavyweight. Bill “Superfoot” Wallace won Middleweight. Isais Duenas won Lightweight.

Self Defense

  1. Review Side Headlock Defense
  2. 5 Each Side

Warm Up / Teach/Review Foundation Skills (Set The Stage)

  1. Pushup / Crunch alternating – 30 seconds each for two rounds.
  2. Head Movement Triangle (Target vs Position movement)
  3. Movement vs Shoulder Drill
  4. Review Penetrate-Engage-Clear-Change Position
  5. Review  Jab
  6. Movement Jab & Double Jab to head and body 30-seconds (Penetrate-Engage-Clear-Change Position)
  7. Review Cross
  8. Review 1-2 Rock back 2
  9. 1-2 Rock back-2  30-seconds
  10. Review Hook & Uppercut
  11. Combo 3-4-3-4-clearing 1
  12. Combo 3-4-3-4-clearing 1 30-seconds (In close)
  13. Review Front kick & Back kick
  14. 10 Front kick-Back kick without setting legs down

Skills / Drills

Set Point Control

  1. Review distance and alignment
  2. Spidey Sense Drill
  3. I Step-You Step Drill

Review Cutting Kick

  1. Review Cutting Kick
  2. Review Leg Check Defense
  3. Careful Exchange of Cutting Kick vs Leg Check
  4. Cutting Kick on Target 10 each side

Target Drills (60 seconds per round. Same person all four rounds then switch)

  1. Round One - 1-2-weave-3
  2. Ten Push Up / Ten Sit Ups
  3. Round Two - 1-2-3-4
  4. Ten Push Up / Ten Sit Ups
  5. Round Three - Partner mixes the numbers 1-2-3-4
  6. Ten Push Up / Ten Sit Ups
  7. Cutting Kick on target full blast while alternating legs 
  8. Ten Push Up / Ten Sit Ups

Cool Down

  1. Form a circle with students facing the center
  2. Three Sets of 15 slow push-ups & 20 crunches Alternating
  3. Stretches until end of class

Class Two

New Skills - Set Point Control / Superman Punch

Self Defense

1. Review Side Headlock & North-South 

2. Mix it up for 6 each side

3. Teach Full Nelson Defense

4. 5 Escapes with Partner

Warm Up

1. 3 x 10–Slow Pushups alternating with 10–Opposite Elbow to Knee Sit Ups

2. High Energy Punch Combos 30-seconds each side  (Penetrate, engage, clear, move)

a. 1-1-2- Weave 

10-Jumping Jacks

b. 1-1-2-3 Weave 

10-Jumping Jacks

c. 1-4-3 Weave

10-Jumping Jacks

d. 1-4-3-2 Weave

3. 10-One legged toe-tappers with Front Kick each leg.

a. 10-Jab-Front Leg Round Kick each side

b. 10-Front & Back Kicks without setting leg down

c. 10–Squat Front Kicks

d. 10–Squat Back Kicks

4. Set Point Control

a. Review distance and alignment

b. Jab vs Front Leg Round Kick movement drill

c. Head Movement Triangle Review (Target & Position movement)

d. Slow 1 − 2 vs Head movement with partner 1-minute each side

Skills / Drills 

1. Teach Knee Strike

a. 10–each side in mirror

b. 10–on shield

2. Review 1-2-Rear–Leg Round Kick

a. 1-2–Rear Leg-Round Kick 30-seconds in air from Movement

b. 1-2–Rear Leg-Round Kick 30-seconds in air with partner from Movement

3. Review 1-2-Front Leg Round Kick

a. 1–2–Rear–Leg Round Kick 30–seconds in air alternating each side from Movement

b. 1–2––Rear–Leg Round Kick 30–seconds vs Block 5 − 6  w/partner each side from Movement

4. Back Leg Round Kick on Target-10 each side

5. Front Leg Round Kick on Target-10 each side

6. Back Leg Double Round Kick on Target (keep knee aimed)

7. Hold on to something-20 hard round kicks on target without setting your leg down

Cool Down

1. Form a circle with students facing the center
2. Alternating 3 Sets of 10 Staggered Push Ups & 10 Half Jack Knives
3. Stretches until end of class