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News jacking

News Jacking is when you add your expertise and/or opinion on a breaking or popular story.

As self-defense instructors, there are tons of local and national stories that we can leverage on local and social media to add our comments and to reach out to the media and offer your expertise during the short period of time that a story is hot.

Here is an example of how I news jacked a story about a 10-year old girl who thwarted a potential abduction by using the family “code word.”

I’m sure you know that the idea is that only trusted people know the code word. If a stranger can’t give you the code word RUN!

As good as it sounds, and it does sound good, there are a number of issues with this plan. 

1. Most abductions are by people the victim knows. So, if Uncle Tom approaches a nephew, it’s doubtful that the child would ask for the code word.

2. Asking a child to “interview” a potential killer is ludicrous. Run first, ask questions later.

3. Asking for the code word opens up a discussion that should never happen.

Here is the news story.

Here is my News Jack response.