Empower Kickboxing™
License Options

Your Empower Kickboxing™ License Includes:

Class by Class Lesson Plans

A module is 4-weeks/8-classes focused on one area.

Each Module/Week/Class has a segment by segment lesson plan with videos demonstrating each segment.

In order they are:

  1. Martial Arts
  2. Kickboxing (Joe Lewis Systems Integration)
  3. Weapons (Tadashi Yamashita Style Nunchaku with rubber chucks and/or your favorite weapon.)
  4. Self-Defense (COBRA-Defense System)

MATA Membership and Certification

MATA Membership and Certification

  1. Complete MATA Certification Course ($297 value)
  2. MATA-Pro Membership ($37 -a-month value)
  3. MATA-Life-Skills Membership ($495-a-year value)

Brand Marketing

The Empower Kickboxing™ logo and brand have proven to be very attractive to the public.

With our ongoing Media Marketing PR campaigns where we optimize and place press releases on major media sites with links back our members, it’s hitting #1 on search engines.

  • Professionally Produced Promo Videos that are perfect for your social media platforms.
  • Social Marketing Templates make it brain-dead easy to stay active and professional on your social media platforms.
  • Annual Marketing Schedule helps you to plan your marketing way in advance to save time and money.
  • Media Marketing
    • Local and National Press Releases written and placed on high authority media sites with links to your site.
  • 15-mile Protected Territory.

Joe Lewis Integration

Empower Kickboxing is proud to include the integration of the massive video library of professionally-shot Joe Lewis Elite Private Lessons produced by Graden Communcations.

kickboxing curriculum lesson plan
John Graden

Add John Graden to your team

Access for help from Empower Kickboxing founder John Graden is part of your plan.

“I’ve had my school for 26-years and coming into COVID, I realized I needed to simplify what I was teaching. John Graden has a proven record of innovation and leadership for martial arts school owners. Empower Kickboxing works.”

Chris Ost

Co-Owner, Stockton Karate

Teaching the basic skills in Empower Kickboxing helped me retain students over COVID and teach online. I didn’t lose one student because of the transition. They all loved the new curriculum.

Mr. Geno Guevara

Owner, Alamo Ranch Martial Arts

Membership Plan

These special Member Solutions Membership Levels are 50% off and will return to normal license fees in 48 hours. Empower Kickboxing Licensed Membership requires a 12-month minimum.

Over 50% Discounted Member Solutions Webinar Special

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum