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Issue #1

How to Evaluate a Self-Defense Program

A former street cop, county sheriff, and maximum-security prison guard, Chris Sutton, founder of COBRA-Defense gives you 5 Important Questions for Choosing a Self-Defense Program.

Dealing with Sociopaths and Psychopaths

There is a segment of our society that is hardwired to be a bully and there is nothing you can do about it. Learn the 13 signs that someone might be a Sociopath or Psychopath. 

What Makes a Good Self-Defense Weapon?

Learn the 3 criteria for choosing a self-defense weapon. Your smartest choice for a self-defense weapon is one that matches your emotional limitations in a high-stress situation. 

Control Your inner-Beast or It Will Control You

How many people are in jail, prison, or permanently injured because they were unable to control their emotions? That’s a heavy price to pay for not being able to control your inner-beast.

5 ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Road Rage

There are few instances in life where your ability to control your emotions can be the difference between life or death. Road rage is one of them.


how to detect pre-attack indicators

A pre-attack indicator is an involuntary signal from an aggressor that they are just about to physically attack you. Learn to recognize them so that you know when to strike or escape.

learn self-defense online

This popular online course includes Protecting Targets, Natural Weapons of the Body, Rape Escape, Knife Defense, Subject Control and more.

The 10 Best Self-Defense Techniques

The Joe Lewis Self Defense training course will teach you ten proven self-defense skills that will protect you on the street. This course is practical, easy to learn, and highly effective.

The Martial arts teachers Association

The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association has been the premier professional association for the martial arts school business since 2003.

Empower Kickboxing

EMPOWER KICKBOXING™ is a complete martial arts curriculum designed by Joe Lewis’ protege John Graden as a program that students can MASTER FASTER!

How to master the verbal art of tongue fu

Tongue Fu covers all kinds of verbal conflict. Learn how to use martial arts for the mouth to deflect attacks, disarm disputes, and defuse any situation.

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