Year 1-Semester 1-Module 4-Week 2
Kids’ Self-Defense


Week 2-Class 1


  1. Warm Up Series
  2. Discuss during warmup-3 Types of Bad Guys


  1. Strikes Overview
  2. Hammer Fist
  3. Knee Strike
  4. Elbow Strikes Application
  5. How to Push

TEACH-How to use 911

  1. 911 Demo Chris
  2. 911 Call Demo Glen
  3. 911 How to Calm Down
  4. Kids 911-Call Demo w/Parents as 911 Operator


  1. Kids-Anchors Parents Play Bad Guys


Homework-Parent Approved List
NOTE: Come to the next class with a list of 3-5 trusted adults that are allowed to pick you up from school or you can call for W2-Class 2

Week 2-Class 2

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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