Year 1-Semester 1-Module 4-Week 3
Kids’ Self-Defense

Week 3-Class 1


  1. Warm Up Series
  2. Discuss during warmup-3 Types of Bad Guys


  1. Strikes Overview
  2. Hammer Fist
  3. Knee Strike
  4. Elbow Strikes Application
  5. How to Push

TEACH-How to use 911

  1. 911 Demo Chris
  2. 911 Call Demo Glen
  3. 911 How to Calm Down
  4. Kids 911-Call Demo w/Parents as 911 Operator


  1. Side Headlock Escape
  2. Rear Headlock Escape


  1. No Video. Two lines facing each other. Each applies the Side and Rear Headlocks and then one line shifts to the left. Repeat until all students have defended.

Week 3-Class 2



    30 seconds of pushups then the Grind


    1. Strikes Overview
    2. Side Headlock Escape
    3. Rear Headlock Escape


    1. Rear Bear Hug Escape
    2. Full Nelson 1 (spread over 2 classes)
    3. Full Nelson 2
    4. Full Nelson 3


    1. Knee Body Shield 1 Minute switching side for each knee strike.
    2. Switch with partner who does same.
    3. 1-minute back kicks with same rotation.
    4. 1-minute sidekicks with same rotation.

    Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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