Year 1-Semester 1-Module 4-Week 4
Kids’ Self-Defense

Week 4-Class 2


    30 seconds of pushups then the Grind


    1. Strikes Overview
    2. Strikes Overview
    3. Hammer Fist
    4. Knee Strike
    5. Elbow Strikes Application
    6. How to Push
    7. Wrist Escape


    1. Knee Body Shield 1 Minute switching sides for each knee strike.
    2. Switch with a partner who does the same.
    3. 1-minute back kicks with the same rotation.
    4. 1-minute sidekicks with the same rotation.

    Stripe Evaluation

    If a student has attended 75% of the classes, or whatever % you require, award them their stripe.

    Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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