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Term Three

Module 2–Week 1


History: American Martial Arts

American Martial Arts

American martial arts was naively considered to be mixed martial arts in the 1960s and 70s.

The idea was to take the best from the major systems. In 99% of American Karate schools, there was little or no grappling.

In the 1990s, the UFC brought real mixed martial arts out of the dark back alley to the forefront.

So, the idea of American Karate has faded and the popularity of MMA grew.

Self-Defense: Side Headlock

Side Headlock Side Headlock
10 Each Side w/partner (Shake hands, introduce yourself)

Warm Ups

Start every warm-up with a quick review of Foundation Skills. Look at your class to determine what needs to be reviewed and at what pace.

1-2-3-4 Punches
1-2-3-4-5 Elbows
1 – 10 Blocks

With punches and elbows, you can alternate the strike to illustrate that the source of power is the body torque.

For instance, 2-punch-2-elbow, 3-punch-3-elbow, 4-punch 4-elbow

1. 30 sec. Coordination Jumping Jacks Coordination Jumping Jacks

2. Push Up / Crunch alternating 30-seconds each one round

3. Movement Jab for 30-seconds (Penetrate-Engage-Clear-Change Position with each punch)

4. 20 Ditch Hoppers

5. 1-1-2 Rear Knees

6. Bouncing Knees

7. 1-1-2 Switch Knees

8. 1-2-3 combo 30-seconds (Penetrate-Engage-Clear-Change Position)

9. Guarding Stance Leaping Squats

8. 1-2-3-4-Call Out for 30-seconds (Penetrate-Engage-Clear-Change Position)

9. 30-Seconds High Leg Raises

10. 10 Flow into Front Leg Kicks each side

11. 10 Back kicks on each side

12. 15-Leaping Plyos

13. 5-Count Stretch


Teach Cutting Kick
a. Teach Cutting Kick Teach Cutting Kick
b. Cutting Kick Guard Cutting Kick Guard-Joe Lewis
C. Blocks 9-10 vs Cutting Kick Blocks 9/10 vs Cutting Kick



Cool Down

Cool Down
1. Form a circle with students facing the center

2. Alternating 3 Sets of 10 Push Ups  & 10 Toe Tapper Sit Ups

3. 5-Part Stretch

Life Skill: Integrity



History: American Martial Arts

Pioneers of the American Karate movement include:

Bruce Lee. In 1970, “The Little Dragon” wrote an article in Black Belt magazine entitled, “Liberate Yourself from Classical Karate.” While it was not the first call for more practical training, it was the most eloquent argument.

Joe Lewis. Sport Karate’s first superstar, Joe Lewis was intelligent, athletic, and highly analytical. Though he earned two black belts inside of 7-months while stationed in Okinawa, he quickly ditched traditional karate forms (kata) shortly after returning to the States. But, not before he won first place in fighting, kata, and weapons kata at the Jhoon Rhee Nationals in the mid-60s.

He became the sports first superstar kickboxer and starred in a few films and TV shows.

Mike Anderson. Mike Anderson has a 159 IQ. He speaks 7 languages and many more dialects. He conceived of, promoted, and hosted the first Professional Karate Association (PKA) World Championships on ABC television in 1974.

The show was the highest-rated in that time slot, but ABC declined to renew because the sport lacked grass roots.

Mike sold his shares to his partners for $1 and started to create the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) with his friend and student Georg Bruckner of Berlin.

The WAKO is now the largest amateur sport martial arts organization in the world.

Self-Defense: Side Headlock on Ground

Review Side Headlock

Side Headlock on Ground

10 each side w/partner (Shake hands, introduce yourself)

Warm Ups

1. Pushup / Crunch alternating – 30 seconds each for two rounds.

2. Head Movement (Target vs Position movement)
Head Movement

3. 20 Ditch Hoppers Ditch Hoppers

4. Review Penetrate-Engage-Clear-Change Position
a. Review Jab / Step in Jab
b. Movement Jab & Double Jab to head and body 30-seconds (Penetrate- Engage- Clear- Change Position)

5. 4-3 Cut Kick

6. Bouncing Lunge

7. 4-3-2 Cut Kick

8. Lunge Down Punch

9. Review Front Kick & Back Kick
a. 10 Front Kick-Back kick without setting legs down

10. 5-Stretch Routine
4-3 Cut Kick


Review Cut Kick
Review Leg Check Defense (Blocks 9-10)
Careful Exchange of Cut Kick vs Leg Check
1-3-2 Cut Kick


2. Mitt Drills with Partner (1-minute each side)
Cut Kick on Shield 10 each side
4-3-2 Cut Kick Mitts

Cool Down

Cool Down
1. Form a circle with students facing the center

2. Alternating 3 Sets of 10 Push Ups  & 10 Toe Tapper Sit Ups

3. 5-Part Stretch