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How to Promote Your Certfication

Once you’ve graduated, here are some suggestions for capitalizing on this accomplishment.

1. Send a press release to your local media. 

2. If you belong to an association or organization, make sure you submit your press release for them to include in the news/notifications to members.

3. Post your certificate on your website and social media sites.

4. Add “MATA Martial Arts Certified Instructor” to your email signature.

5. Include your certification in your bio. John Graden Bio

6. Include “MATA Martial Arts Certified Instructor” on your letterhead.

7. Post the certificate on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, people who add their certifications to their LinkedIn profile see six times the average number of profile views, as well as getting contacted six times more!

8. Do a 60-second or less social media and website video explaining why you did this and what it means for your students and how it elevates you above other local schools.

Include that this follows the Japanese concept of Kaizen (constant and never-ending improvement)

9. Incorporate your certification into your presentations. For instance, when someone asks you what you teach, answer with, “Our instructors are certified through the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association to teach “your style.”

10 Frame and display your certificate in your school. “Duh!”

11. Send us a testimonial and we’ll include your website link in every use of it. This will create authority traffic back to your website.