How to proactively you’re your students and target potential dropouts.

While student service is your professionalism in action, student progress is what you are paid for. Students must feel progress to remain motivated. The goal system toward achieving the highest level in your school or a black belt must be very clear and reinforced in every class as should the benefits of it.

Similar in fashion to any academic institution, your staff should meet and grade each student once a week and preferably on Mondays.

Run an attendance report off your computer and list the rating right next to their name. Based on attendance, enthusiasm, attitude and level of effort, students are rated “A,” “B” or “C.”

Anything below a C is a student that has already dropped out. The goal then becomes to turn as many C’s as you can into B’s and the B’s into A’s.

The computer report should be accessible to the instructors so they can see who to zoom in on. As usual, it all goes back to your instructors and their ability to communicate, motivate and inspire desire.

The Rating System

To get a better idea of the profile or definition of each of these “student types,” review the information below.

A Students represent the top third of your students, not so much because of their technique but because of their enthusiasm for the school and the training. These students do not miss class and they attend every special event and exam. You’re A-rated students give karate a very high priority in their life and cannot be persuaded to skip class to socialize with their friends.

B Students are A’s some of the time and C’s other times. They have very good class attendance but their level of effort and enthusiasm varies. They attend some special events but not many. While they are not apt to skip class they will at least consider the offer. They can be quiet and easily taken for granted since they are in class all the time and all seems well with them. Little do you know how close this student is to becoming a C. B’s are just waiting for you to step in and positively influence them as they are not going to do it by themselves.

C Students are just not very motivated people. They hold back in class and are never seen at special events. They attend class when nothing else is happening. These students should be getting tons of attention and encouragement in order to get them excited. They judge their karate experience based on the excitement of the last class and are definitely not focused on achievement or black belt.

Turn Cs to Bs and Bs to As

Once your staff has gone down the role sheet and rates each student it’s time to take action. All staff members should review the list each week and set a goal to give a little extra attention to the Cs and Bs.

Your first mission as stated earlier is to turn the Cs to Bs and then the Bs to As. Most of your C students are just bored. What can you and your staff do to spark them and light their motivation on fire?

Use strategies for improving your students’ rating through:

  • Mat Chats-check in with them and see how they feel classes are going

  • Personal Invites-Invite them to events and tell them why you’d like

    to see them there and how they’ll benefit or offer a private class if

    they need more help

  • Phone Calls-let them know they’re missed in class

  • Great job postcards and notes-tell them how they’ve improved and

    encourage them to keep training

  • Classroom attention-use their name and eye contact when you

    praise or correct, give recognition when they do something well

Action Steps: What to do now

  1. Schedule a day and time each week that you’ll rate the students and discuss them with any staff member(s).

  2. Decide what actions each staff member will take and be responsible for when re-motivate the C students and the B student(s).

  3. Print out a list of all your active students and rate the students.

  4. Each week, review the ratings from the week before to see who moves up in the ratings and how successful your team is.

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