Year 1-Semester 1-Module 4-Week 1
Kids’ Self-Defense

Week 1-Class 1

 Self-Defense Discussion

  1. What is Self-Defense?
  2. Self-Defense may be necessary when someone makes you:
  3. Uncomfortable
  4. Afraid, fearful
  5. Uneasy, creepy
  6. Threatened


  1. Ready Stance
  2. Distance Control
  3. How to Push


(Emphasize this is not a sport it’s survival.)
  • Form two lines facing each other. Each side does a wrist grab. One line then shifts one person
    to the right. Escape. Repeat.


  1. The Grind Kids


  1. Overview and Low Anchor
  2. High Anchor

    Week 1-CLASS 2

    1-Class 2

    Self-Defense Discussion

    3 Types of Bad Guy


    Kids’ Grind 


    (They will know these but emphasize this is not a sport it’s survival.)

    1. Strikes Overview
    2. Hammer Fist
    3. Knee Strike
    4. Elbow Strikes
    5. Low and High Anchors


    Thumb Strike


      1. Wrist Escape
      2. Kids Kidnapping 1
      3. Kid’s Kidnapping 2

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