Drills-Pads and Shields

Pad Hops
Pulling Front Leg Round Kick on Pad
Rapid Fire Round Kicks Pad
Rear Round Kick Pad
Double Round Kick Pad
Round Kick Pad Series
Rapid Fire Round Kicks Pad
1-2 Drill
1-2-3 Drill
1-2-3-4 Drill
Low-High Round Kick Pad
Jab-Elbow 2 Pad
Jab on Pad
Reverse Punch on Pad
Uppercut on Pad
Jab-Elbow 2
Jab-2-3 Elbow
Jab-Elbow-Elbow Pad
Hook on Pad
Ridge Hand on the Pad
Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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