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Empower Kickboxing Board of Advisors

Empower Kickboxing is proud to announce the formation of the Empower Kickboxing Board of Advisors.

Empower Kickboxing has exploded since the pandemic because the classes are easier to teach and manage. With that increase, I thought it would be prudent to recruit some of the top instructors in various disciplines to help us moving forward.

The Board of Advisors will participate in the Empower Kickboxing Group Coaching calls to share their experience and help schools to grow.
The Board of Advisors are:

Mark Moore

MATA 2020 Instructor of the Year, Owner of The Growth Dojo in Washington Township, NJ. 

Mr. Moore has been using the Empower Kickboxing original curriculum, “Pro-Star” for over 20-years and has built a school of 400+ students.

His website is

Jim Graden

Yes, the name is familiar. My brother Jim is a world champion kickboxer and the world’s authority on the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems (JLFS).

He has been running a successful school in Seminole, FL for over 40-years. Like me, he transitioned out of traditional Taekwondo to a JLFS based curriculum and has never looked back.

His website is

Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton is well-known as the founder of COBRA-Defense, but he is also a black belt under Jim Graden and Joe Lewis. In fact, Chris was the last person to earn a black belt from Joe Lewis before his passing in 2012.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in evidence-based self-defense. In my experience, there is no better self-defense instructor for main stream audiences than Chris Sutton. 

He’s been a guest on The Truth About the Martial Arts Business three times in episodes 7, 10, and 12.

You can find out more about him at

Willy “The Bam” Johnson

Bam is a unique person in the world of martial arts. His passion is helping kids bridge the gap between the criminal violence of the inner-city to the personal and professional growth he found in the martial arts. 

His unique perspective on how to communicate with a population with a specific and often dangerous worldview has opened the eyes of many instructors to the realities of martial arts and self-defense in the current environment.

He’s been a guest on The Truth About the Martial Arts Business Podcast twice in episodes 21 and 22.

His school is in Laurel, MD and his website is

James Theros

James Theros is a master of multiple styles including Korean and Chinese-based systems. 

He recently shot a 12 part video series for Empower Kickboxing teaching the nunchaku including strikes, blocks, and form. His Level 10 Martial Arts School in Palm Harbor, FL has been packed since he and his wife Debi moved here 5-years ago.

His website is