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Our extensive video library, live and virtual workshops help instructors “up their game” so everyone has the best experience in class.


Three years of curriculum that rotates through month-long modules teaching Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Weapons and Self-Defense.


We help you capitalize on the advantage that Empower Kickboxing gives you as a Student-Centric school surrounded by Style-Centric shcools.

What does Empower Kickboxing offer you?


Modern curriculum

Your curriculum is like the reciepe book of a good restaurant. It is what you serve your students. When schools follow the reciepe, students return for more and tell their friends about your school.


Weekly lesson plans

From the Life Skill to Foundation Skill Integrated Warmups followed by the Teaching Segment leading to Drills and Skills and brings us to the end of class with a cool down and/or a game.





We have an outstanding Life Skills segment in each class that avoids the cookie-cutter social media memes that most schools repeat. Our messages are original and powerful.





Membership includes a lead generating website that looks great and captures and holds the attention of visitors.

About the Founder

An 8th degree protege’ of the legendary Joe Lewis, John Graden and his two brothers are the only siblings to all win world kickboxing titles. This proves that everybody and their brother can earn a martial arts world title.

What everyone has not done is create the first professional association (NAPMA), trade journal (MAPr0 maga), and universally respected instructor certification program like John Graden has.

What We teach

Martial arts

Out of all the martial arts skills in the world, we have selected ONLY the most effective hand strikes and basic kicks from martial arts to teach. This makes teaching and learning much easier because we can focus application more than performance.


Kickboxing brings out the best because it’s easy to learn so time can be spent on applying the skills instead just memorizing them. Our kickboxing based limited sparring drills are a safe and fun way for students to develop good defense and footwork.


Our goals with the weapons’ module are simple. First, we want students to be able to turn anything into a weapon of self-defense. Second, we want them to develop the eye-hand coordination that weapons training develops. Third, it adds variety to the curriculum that helps to keep classes compelling for the students.

COBRA Self-defense

Nothing is more important than a student being able to recognize, avoid, and defend against a violent attacker. Everything else is just window dressing. We have integrated a law-enforcement based COBRA-Defense program that has proven to be applicable to all ages.



The Danger of Fake Fundamentals

The Danger of Fake Fundamentals

In his book, Fake Fundamentals, Brian McCormick, Ph.D. quotes James Baldwin, “No one can possibly know what is about to happen; as it's happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.” To paraphrase the book as it would relate to a martial arts...

Martial Arts School Sued Over Comment About Left-Handed People

Martial Arts School Sued Over Comment About Left-Handed People

ANNAPOLIS, Md.- A woman filed a discrimination complaint against the mixed-martial arts school where she was a student. She claims an instructor discriminated against her for complaining about a comment one of the instructors made in the school's PRIVATE FACEBOOK page...

How to Make Classes More Exciting for All Students

How to Make Classes More Exciting for All Students

As a martial arts instructor, you have to set expectations in your class. One of those is that kids have to be able to hold targets, shields, and pads for each other. When a student is holding a target, they experience a punch and/or a kick coming at them. This is...

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