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An easy to teach Curriculum for the modern world

Empower Kickboxing ONLY teaches the easiest to learn and most effective skills. 

Students learn the most effective skills, strikes, and strategies from Martial Arts, Kickboxing,  Weapons, Grappling  and Self-Defense.

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With Empower Kickboxing Curriculum you can have all ranks in one class. Rather than dividing classes by rank and age you divide them by age only.

This dramatically reduces the number of classes that you have to teach each night.


“I fear NOT the man who has practiced 1,000 kicks once. I fear the man who has practiced ONE KICK 1,000 times.”

– Bruce Lee

Empower Kickboxing is a Student-Centered curriculum
rather than a standard traditional Style-Centered curriculum.

Module-centric curriculum.

One Semester  = Four Modules with four weeks each.

One Module = Four Weeks with two classes per week.

Semesters have 4 modules & 32 lesson plans each.


Semesters do NOT have to be taught sequentially.


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Student Centric vs Style Centric Teaching

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Why Joe Lewis Quit Traditional Karate

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Why Teach This Way?

Style-Centered School

A Style-Centered school seeks to “Honor the Style” by strictly adhering to the skills and forms of that particular style.

A Style-Centered school requires students to learn the same traditional blocks, stances, strikes, and kicks that have not changed in decades.

Students are tested on their memorization of the forms and techniques. As they progress, the forms and techniques increase in complexity.

Student-Centered School

As a Student-Centered program we teach only the skills, techniques and combinations that are easy-to-learn and effective.

Instead of requiring complex forms and skills, we focus on teaching basic skills so that we can spend time on the strategies and applications of these skills.

Rather than require complex advanced skills and forms, we focus on advanced applications of the basic techniques we teach.

How it works

Empower Kickboxing has a set of foundation skills that are practiced in every class. The focus is more on the application of these skills vs spending time on advanced skills. Though we do spin and jump kicks, it’s more for the athletic challenge than skill-building or self-defense.


  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Hook
  4. Uppercut


  1. Front
  2. Back
  3. Side
  4. Round


  1. Rear
  2. Cross
  3. Hook
  4. Uppercut
  5. Down


  1. Face
  2. Body
  3. Center
  4. Legs
  5. Down

Each class has the same format.

1. Self-defense or Footwork

2. Warmup (includes Foundation Skills)

3. Teaching New Skills. (This is the module for the month)

4. Pad Drills

5. Cool Down/Life Skills

The focus of the module is taught during the Teaching segment.

The Modules are:

1. Martial Arts

2. Kickboxing

3. Weapons (Rubber chucks or your choice)

4. Self-Defense (COBRA-Defense)


We focus on the skills that are easiest to learn from all of the major martial arts systems, not just one style.


Kickboxing is not only great for getting for fitness, but the skills are easy to learn and highly effective.


Empower Kickboxing teaches the COBRA-Defense System that is from law enforcement not martial arts.


We use the rubber chucks but you can use any weapon you choose.


Due to COVID, we’ve removed grappling from the lesson plans but the they are still available for members to access and teach.

Life Skills

We’re proud to help shape the lives of our students through our Life Skills program.

How to use Empower Kickboxing in Your School

Stand alone program

Most schools replace their curriculum with Empower Kickboxing because it’s easier to teach and you can reduce your teaching hours.

SPecial Program

If you want to add Empower Kickboxing as a special Friday night class or Saturday morning that can work as well. That can be a $49 – $99 a month add-on.

Spice up your classes

Most of the footwork, sparring, and self-defense is not familiar to the average black belt. Empower Kickboxing has dozens of drills you can use in your existing classes.

Teaching, Testing and Transitioning

Reduce your Teaching load

Since there are no advanced classes, you can combine all ranks into the same class.  Most schools can cut their teaching time in half. 


Each module earns one stripe. The forth stripe indicates the student is ready for the next belt. You can do that in class or in a graduation.


Start with your white belts. As they advance the curriculum expands until all classes are Empower Kickboxing.

What do INSTRUCTORS say?

I’ve been with Mr. Graden since it was called Empower Boxing for over a decade ago. The program has been central to our student retention and growth over that time.

Josh Waltzing

Owner, Alexandria Martial Arts & Movement

“I joined way back 20-some years when it was called Pro-Star. Empower Kickboxing is program that students enjoy because it’s fast-paced and fun!

Mark Moore

Owner, The Growth Dojo

I am an old school “tae kwon do” instructor. Empower Kickboxing gives me a unique brand to separate us from other schools. I cut my teaching hours in half since classes were combined. Everyone loves the curriculum.”

Geno Guevara

Owner, Alamo Ranch Martial Arts

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Checkout Blue Ridge Martial Arts

Visit BlueRidgeMA.com to see their Empower Kickboxing program.


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