Grappling Drills & Skills

Empower Kickboxing is proud to present an outstanding grappling curriculum designed by Master Instructor and Competitor Jerry Jones.


Level 1 is the most basic and Level 10 is the most advanced

Intro to Grappling

Children need to know a brief summary of the following (age appropriate) to pass their belt tests. What is grappling and what Style of Grappling do we teach?  

Grappling means grabbing and holding and the type of Grappling that we do is called “Empower Kickboxing Grappling,” which is a mixed grappling art the combines several different grappling arts and wrestling disciplines.  

Mat Awareness/ Instill this to Students

1. Safety First!   Safety is more important than winning!

2. Tapping out-(or stopping the technique) while doing a technique, either partner has the right to tap out for the following reasons:

a. the technique will injure them if applied any further.

b. the person is feeling pain somewhere else.  

c. the person feels uncomfortable about the technique. The other partner must respect that right without judgment and safely and immediately let go of the other person.  This rule is taken very seriously at our school.

Mat courtesies– when learning and applying new techniques the student is expected to drill the moves at only 50% at first.

Since young children and even some adults are unsure with percentages we use a graduated level metaphor. (for example Level 1 is the absolute softest and slowest, Level 9 and 10 are the hardest and fastest — We want you to do the move at around Level 5)

  • When grappling (wrestling on the mat) the safety of your opponent is the most important priority.  
  • The use of the point of the elbow on the face or any other sensitive area is not permitted.
  • No small joint (fingers and toes) manipulation or submission. If grabbing your opponent’s fingers for any reason, you must grab at least three.
  • No attacks to the eyes or groin are permitted.  
  • No use of fingers to any orifices on the body is permitted.
  • No slamming your opponent on their head.
  • No twisting of the opponent’s neck (Neck Cranks).
  • When applying a submission you are expected to give your opponent a five-second opportunity to submit or tap out.

Set Up Actions

We use setup actions to try to trick our opponent out of position so we can roll them off the top of us go for a submission attempt and finish the fight.

Warm-ups/ and if a student has to be late to classStudents need to be properly warmed up before attempting techniques they have learned in class in order to prevent injury.  

Any student that must be late to class may come on the mat and do this exact warm-up before being permitted to participate with the class.

1. 50 Jumping Jacks

2.  20 Deep Knee Bends

3.  30 Crunches

4.  10 Leg Lifts

5.  15 Push-Ups

6. 10 Iron Crosses

7.  20 Neck Extensions in 4 directions (NO NECK BRIDGES)

8. 10, five-count stretches


Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum