Level Four

Level Four Grappling Fundamentals

1. Always keep your body in a position of power.
Slow the fight when on top and speed it up when on bottom. Create momentum on bottom and stop momentum on top.

1. Chokes

  • Guillotine or Front Choke
  • Rear Choke
  • Forearm Choke

2. Escapes from Bottom

  • Full Mount escape / Put in Guard

a. From the bottom put your feet flat on the floor.  At the same time, push your hips to the sky and push your elbows to your hips.  Keep your hips up until your opponent’s hands are on the mat and then immediately grab around the waist of your opponent pulling your head into their chest.

While always keeping one arm around your opponent’s back you must get directly onto your side and straighten your bottom leg.

With the arm, you are laying on push your opponent’s leg down towards your feet while bringing your bottom leg underneath their leg.  After getting your leg out and around your opponent’s leg go flat on your back and place your foot flat on the floor.   Repeat the process for the other side finishing in your full Closed Guard.

3. Reversals from Guard

  • Guard Kick Out

Start by pushing your opponent away from you with your hands and then bring the bottoms of both of your feet in front of your opponent’s hips.

Kick them straight back to end up in a neutral position with both of you on your knees.

4. Practical

Students must show proper execution of skill, sportsmanship, and intensity of this Rank.

The instructor will judge this from observing two rounds lasting three minutes each with one-minute rest in between.

The first round should start with both students back to back with similar rank and size with the students sitting flat on their buttocks with legs in front of them.

In the second round, the students should start on their knees, four feet across from one another.  At this level, the instructor should emphasize having fun while wanting to also win. Tell them that they always win if they learn.  Tell them that you are looking for intensity, but remember to let go and anticipate their opponent to tap out. Remind them that champions want to win, not to hurt their opponent!


Kids Guillotine Choke
Rear Choke
Rear Choke Escape
Forearm Choke
Guard Pass Cross Knee
Reverse Hammerlock from Full Mount
Guard Kick Out
Guard Kick Out Tip
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