Level Five

Level Five Grappling Fundamentals

1. Hold with small muscles and move opponent with big muscles.

2. All grips are thumb-less unless grabbing your opponent’s wrist or clothing.

1. Escapes from Bottom

  • Side Mount Escape / Roll

  • Side Mount Escape Put into Guard

2. Choke

  • Leg Triangle Choke from Guard

3. Choke Counters

  • Guillotine Head Up Drill

4. Leg Lock Submissions

  • Achilles Lock

  • Achilles Lock Counter

5. Practical

 Student must show proper execution of skill, sportsmanship, and intensity of this Rank.  Instructor will judge this from observing Three rounds lasting Four minutes each with 2 minutes rest in between.

The first round should start with both students back to back with similar rank and size with the students sitting flat on their buttocks with legs in front of them.

The second round the students should start on their knees, four feet across from one another.  At this level the instructor should emphasize having fun while wanting to also win. Tell them that they always win if they learn.  Tell them that you are looking for intensity, but remember to let go and anticipate their opponent to tap out. Remind them that champions want to win, not to hurt their opponent!

The third round should be the same as the second round.  Use the third round to give your student feedback on what more you may be looking for and always encourage you students.  Tell them that you believe in them. They are working hard because they believe in YOU!



Side Mount Escape Put Into Guard
Side Mount & Escapes
Side Mount Escape Roll
Side Mount Escape Roll Tip
Leg Triangle Choke From Guard 1
Leg Triangle Choke From Guard 2
Guillotine Head Up Drill
Achilles Lock
Achilles Lock Counter
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