Level Eight

Level Eight Grappling Fundamentals Choose the position over the submission. Always be ready to attack!  
    1. Guard to Opponents Back
    2. Carotid Choke Standing
    3. Carotid Choke vs Weapons
    4. Carotid Choke on Ground
    5. Carotid Choke on Ground 2
    6. The Arm Bar Concept
    7. Arm Bar in Self-Defense
    8. Key Lock Arm Bar
    9. Arm Bar From Head Mount
    10. Arm Bar From Guard
    11. Arm Bar From Guard Tip
    12. Arm Bar from Full Mount
    12.1 Tip: Arm Bar from Full Mount
    13. Arm Bar From Rear Control
    Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum