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How to Get Into the School System

If you’d like to reach just about every kid in your community, then you want to get involved in the school system.

It’s a great way to reach out to inspire them to be better students, to get good grades, to set goals and to learn how to stay safer on a daily basis no matter where they are.

Getting involved in your local school system is pretty easy since there are at least a dozen angles that you could take to become involved.

Use a goodwill marketing strategy to build preference over other businesses including other martial arts schools in your community.

In most cases you’ll be donating your time and your employees’ time to do something great for kids but also to build contacts, preferences and relationships.

My USA Karate school parents and students included a Principal of an elementary school, an owner of a preschool, and at least seven school teachers. These fans made for great testimonial opportunities for us as we brought in new prospective students as well as in the general community.

They were able to testify first hand of the great benefits that we instill in children both and loved the fact that we asked the teachers to let us know how our students were doing at school before letting them take their rank tests.

Here are 12 Ways to get into the School System

1. Use Social media like Facebook and Linkedin offer a great way to connect with teachers and school administrators. Once your students are fans of your school on social sites like Facebook-ask those that have their teachers on their friends list to recommend that they “Like” your school page too. On Linkedin, you can search for local groups and professions to include teachers and send a request to be added to their network.

2. Word of Mouth Spread By Your Students – Ask your students to let their friends know about your upcoming school demos and visits; have them give their friends gift certificates and invitations to your events.

3. Character Development Programs – Volunteer to come to the school as a guest speaker to give talks about positive character topics like: personal achievement, bullying, overcoming challenges, random acts of kindness and more.

4. Use a Permission to Promote Letter prior to promoting students. The teacher is asked to sign-off on a form agreeing that the student has been respectful and is receiving passing grades. Include a note offering to come to class as a personal achievement speaker and you may get some interest.

5. Call Yourself a Child Safety Specialist, not a martial arts instructor. This will help you stand-out from the pack.

6. Create Star Student RewardsGive teachers award certificates for free lessons as a reward for being a star student. Ask teachers to award 1 or 2 students weekly with a certificate good for a free trial course at your school. Parents must get in touch with the school to schedule the free trial course and teachers receive a free award to give the kids.

7. PE Teacher for a Day- Make it a goal to be friends with all the PE teachers in close-by schools. They might do the same class and the same routines every day, but you can offer to come in every 2 months or so to inject some new exciting exercises like kickboxing drills, pad hitting drills, plyometrics and other drills that can excite the kids and inspire them to become healthier.

8. Private schools –Find out if your local private schools would like to attend your school during the day for PE classes for an eight-week course and price it accordingly. This can be a great way of making money during a time that’s empty on your schedule.

9. Career day or the Great American Teach-InJust about every school has a career day and many take part in the Great American Teach-in every Nov. in the U.S. Get a copy of the school calendar at the beginning of the year or access it online and contact the school to volunteer.

10. Self-Protection Workshops for TeachersTalk to the principal about self- protection workshops for the teachers and faculty. You can sponsor a lunch and talk about basic self-protection like keeping a safe distance, verbal self-defense, how to stay calm and more.

11. Use the School Email SystemTake advantage of the school email system. Teacher’s email addresses are usually available at the school district website for the parents. Use it but don’t abuse it. Just send a nice email to the teachers about conducting special talks or to introduce yourself as someone who is teaching one of their students. You can send them information to your website in case they’d like to opt in to get your newsletter.

12. Offer to do a PTA FundraiserContact the President of the PTA and offer to do a self-defense seminar for families in the auditorium for a low price like 5.00- 10.00 per family with all the money going to the PTA. In addition you can offer all the participants the ability to attend a future upcoming event at your studio or to take advantage of enrollment specials.

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