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This is typically the busiest time of year, so let’s prepare for it.

School Talks

Getting a school talk is a little tricky. The key is to look at it like a teaching gig rather than a marketing opportunity. 

Schools are very sensitive about businesses coming in to sell their students. That said, most are usually okay with sending a flyer or coupon home with the student.

There are three primary categories of school talks.

  1. You come and talk/demo to a class. This is an agreement between you and the teacher. So it’s pretty easy.
  2. You demo/talk to an entire basketball court bleachers full of hundreds of students. This has to go through the principal which makes it a bit more complex.
  3. You offer to teach the PE classes for a day or the entire week. PE teachers are usually very receptive to this.

For the inclass and/or PE classes, you give your students a letter to take to the teacher. 

The letter might read, “It seems we have a student in common. Joey has been training with us for 14-months and has earned his brown belt. He actually helps us teaching some classes. What do you think about the idea of Joey and I teaching some martial arts and important life skills to your class? We’ll teach them how to make important decisions, how to deal with bullies and confrontation (non-violent), and some important martial arts based life-skills that will help them succeed.”

I have probably done well over 100 talks in the basketball court filled with kids. We use to do every period. That was 6-7 demos a day.

The class talk is more intimate and typically not as reliant on exciting demos as the bleachers audience.

Either way, the angle is always to teach kids how to make smart decisions and evaluate situations wisely.

Stories are powerful, so you want to make sure you some really good ones that would relate to the age group your addressing.

You want a good mixture of how to deal with confrontation and bullies to success principles for life.

You also want to start with a bang and finish with one as well.

The most effective open to a demo I’ve seen is to simulate a home invasion or similar crime that creates emotion

Ideally, you could get a student to break the board and use that to discuss Fear Into Power, Concentrated Power, Unleashing the Black Belt in You.

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