Back to School Marketing: Open House

Back To School Marketing

This is typically the busiest time of year, so let’s prepare for it.

Open House

The goal is to get as many qualified prospects into your school, participate in some classes and see the value and of course, offer some type of special.

Always have your demo team perform when you do your open houses.

Have a demo of kids as close to the age you’re targeting before the free class for that group. Start and end the class with a quick demo by your hot-shot kids for that age group.

You always want to End at the Peak of Enthusiasm

A demo could be:

  1. The advanced kids kicking and punching targets with impressive speed and power.
  2. The advanced kids teaching part of the class. This is impressive to parents.
  3. The advanced kids explaining or telling a story that illustrates a life skill.

For instance, you might schedule:

  1. Little Dragons (4-6) 11am Demo and Free 30-Minute Class
  2. Children’s Class (7-12) 12pm Demo and Free 30-Minute Class
  3. Teen’s Class (13-18) 1pm Demo and Free 30-Minute Class
  4. Adult’s Class (18+) 2pm Demo and Free 30-Minute Class

Start to decorate your school with Open House notices and event updates. 

Make it a big count down event. You want your entire student body and their families to invite friends and family to see the event.

Encourage your students to invite their friends to a free class with them. Create rewards for sending these “buddies.” you can do a reward for attending and/or one for enrolling.

Two weeks prior to the open house, you may want to send some prospects to your open house instead of your trial. You want a packed house. However, you don’t want someone to join another school because they are ready to enroll.

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