woman in self defense class
adults in self defense class lined up to practice

How to Run a Profitable Self-Defense Course in Your Current Classes

In Empower Kickboxing, the fourth month (module) is always 100% Self-Defense.

This injects a level of variety that is highly attractive, not just to your students but to their families and your community.

This also gives you a new Four-Week Course that you can sell to new students interested in self-defense more than martial arts.

== There is a market for Self-Defense Academies because they END.==

Yes, the program ends after four weeks. That is appealing to many adults.

Empower Self-Defense COURSE Tuition

Course students will pay $99-$299 for a four-week course and a school t-shirt. Students wear comfortable clothes for the classes. No gis.

Upsell Opportunities

 a. Create a special offer for them to continue in the Empower Kickboxing program. This is MUCH easier than trying to extend them into a traditional white gi-style program.

 b. Letting them join the Empower Kickboxing classes for free as soon as they purchase their Empower Self-Defense Academy program. They can attend classes while waiting for the start of the Empower Self-Defense Academy. 

 c. Make the Empower Self-Defense Academy free for current student families with a discounted offer to continue with Empower Kickboxing after the Self-Defense Academy.

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