Happy students during after-school program.


Students look discplined and ready for acition. Notice you don’t see the ceiling or any floor at the bottom. CROP YOUR SHOTS so they are not just a ceiling with some kids under it.

back to school special

Really clever promo however, I would have cropped the kid on the left with his eyes closed out of the shot. Also, you want students to be looking and moving toward the text you want people to read, not away.

martial arts summer camp kids on bus<br />

OK shot, but the bus roof should be cropped out and the kids told to smile. This is a good time to say something like, “Every smile and say MONEY!”

3 happy students leaping'

Could be cropped a bit, but overall a great shot.

teen instructors<br />

Teens can be a tough market, especially if you’re wearing gis (dorky looking is what one teen described the gi to me as). I’m sure the photo was meant to include the full backdrop, otherwise, it could have been cropped out to bring focus to the three guys.

smiling kids elbows

Love this because it can be cropped in a bit or left as a wider shot like this.


Nice shot because the smiles seem genuine. The lack of cropping shows the unique interior of the school.

happy students punching'

Love this girl’s energy. There is way too much ceiling and bag chains in the shot, but it’s better to shoot wide and crop later than to shoot tight and have no room to crop.

jumping karate kid

This is great. It shows that you have fun in your school. That has great appeal.

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