1 week free promo

This is a great shot. My only suggestion would be to have her jump from left to right. Studies show that, because westerners read left to right it’s more comfortable for us.

exterior with girl flipping

Really clever promo however, I would have cropped the kid on the left with his eyes closed out of the shot. Also, you want students to be looking and moving toward the text you want people to read.

Smart Children Template

This is a Life Skills image for our Empower Kickboxing member. It has a powerful visual contrast with an important lesson. The blank blue area is where you insert your school info.

John and Janet Graden

You want your promotions to look professional even if that means hiring someone to get it right the first time.

Smart Children Template

Image is everything in promoting your martial arts school. Too many schools have more of a “Back Alley” look. You want to make sure you are raising your standards to “Main Street.”

John and Janet Graden

As owners, you want to have your shot distinctly different than the others.

exterior with girl flipping

This is a creative exterior shot. The girl doing a handstand of sorts is really smart.

children's program

You want your school and the website that represents it to look, operate, and teach to be head and shoulders above the competition.

fitness kickboxing promo

This is a creative promo shot with the light flares on the target and weapon. Her smile really sells it.

children's program

Here the lovely Mrs. Graden is in a greyscale motion blur while the logo is showcased in red. Super smart framing.


This is really smart. Sometimes the most simple of an idea has the most impact.


Other than using the Empower Kickboxing kicker, this lacks clarity.

white to black belt progression

Posts like this achieve the nearly impossible which is making a GI look good. That is a professional pose on the left as the “before” and a nice smile on the “after.”


Creative use of the Empower Kickboxing kicker.

UNITY Martial Arts GBP Cover

Nice balance of boy, girl, logo and text.

jumping karate kid
jumping karate kid

Always showcase your media hits. It elevates your image and makes it much easier to get other media to cover you because you’ve been vetted.

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum