Module 4-Week 4

Kids Self-Defense

Kids–Warm Up

Passive vs Fighting Stance

Teach this and follow it with the stance sequence, spearhand and elbow 2.

We all know fighting stance, but in a self-defense situation, do you want to signal the bad guy that you’re ready to fight? No. We want that to be a surprise like stepping on a land mine.

That’s why we use a passive stance. It looks like we don’t want to and are not ready to fight, but we are.

2.  Passive Stance 1

Passive Stance 2

Defensive Stance Sequence

How to Push

Life Skill: Emergency Preparedness

Download this and preview the lessons, posters, and stories for each age group.
Emergency Preparedness

Grind Divided

Kids–Warm Up

Elbow 2 for Self-Defense

Review All Skills from this Module

How to Push

Passive Stance

Wrist Escape

4 Punches

5 Elbows

Knee Strike

Knee Strike Across the Room

Front-Back Kick (Review each first)

3 Head Locks Review

Front Choke

Loose Weapon Scramble

On “Go!” both students are trying to secure the weapon, prevent it from being used on them, and attempting to  get it first to use against the other guy.

Loose Weapon Scramble-Set Up</strong><strong> 

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