Year 2–Semester 1

Module 1–Week 2

Martial Arts

History: Major Martial Arts Systems: Japanese

Japanese martial arts styles. It covers martial arts such as Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Kendo and many more.

America influence combines elements of all styles. 

Watch this History Lesson

Warm Up with Combos

<strong>Combinations-Practice</strong> This is part of our “Practice Videos” series.

Cool Down or

Cool Down
1. Form a circle with students facing the center

2. Alternating 3 Sets of 10 Push Ups  & 10 Toe Tapper Sit Ups

3. 10 reps Grappling Stretch

Triangle Tag

</span><strong>Triangle Tag</strong><span>

Variation-Holding elbows instead of shoulders 60-Sec each. Rotate so all kids are a tagger

You will probably not get through all students so we’ll do this next class as well.

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum