Year 2
Semester 1

Module 1–Week 3

Martial Arts

Head Movement with Punches

Warm Up/Partner Exercise Series

60-seconds per segment

Partner Exercise Series

60 seconds for each exercise per person.

<strong>Partner Exercise Series</strong>


Keep one student active for all 3 rounds or alternate back and forth. 

Round 1

<strong>Jab-Elbow 2</strong>

Round 2

<strong>Jab-Elbow-Elbow Pad</strong>

Round 3

<strong>1-2-3-4 Drill</strong>



Cool Down or

1. Form a circle with students facing the center

2. Alternating 3 Sets of 10 Push Ups  & 10 Toe Tapper Sit Ups

3. 10 reps Grappling Stretch

Tennis Ball Games

History: Major Martial Arts Systems: Chinese

Chinese martial arts styles include martial arts such as Kung Fu, Sanshou, Shaolin, Tai Chi, Wing Chun. The Chinese systems are some of the more difficult to learn and apply.

America influence combines elements of all styles. 

Watch this History Lesson

Self-Defense: 3-Rounds Kids-Grind

Watch entire video

3-Rounds Kids-Grind


Review Knifehand, Ridgehand, Monkey Paw and Palm Heel 

Teach Spearhand

<strong>Spearhand Demo</strong>

<strong>Spearhand Street Fight Demo</strong>

<strong>Spear Hand Detail</strong>

Pulling Front Leg Round Kick in AIR 1-minute each side from Movement

<strong>Pulling Round Kick</strong>

Pulling Front Leg Round Kick ON PAD 1-minute each side 

<strong>Pulling Front Leg Round Kick on Pad</strong>

Review Sidekick



1 minute each leg from movement.

Front Thrust Kick on Shield

<strong>Front Thrust Kick on Shield</strong>

Skip Sidekick on Shield

<strong>Sidekick on Shield</strong>

Back Leg Sidekick on Shield

<strong>Back Leg Sidekick on Shield</strong>

Cool Down or

10 Push Ups  & 10 Toe Tapper Sit Ups (Alternating 3 Sets of 10)
<strong>Toe Tapper Sit Ups</strong>

10 reps Grappling Stretch
<strong>10 reps Grappling Stretch</strong>

Multiple Sparring Defender Changes

<strong>Multiple Sparring Defender Changes</strong> This is the opposite of Bull in the Ring. The instructor calls the defender. So 3 kids, each has a number 1 – 3. Instructor calls “2!” He is now under attack for 15 seconds or so.

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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