Year 3-Semester 1-Module 2-Week 1 Weapons

Class 1

Life lesson 1

Progress Not Perfection

  • If you want to be successful and have a happy life, it’s important that you focus on progress not perfection.
  • Understand that to make things better, you have to work for it and sometimes it’s hard, but it is worth it.
  • You can’t earn your black belt in four months, but you can earn your next belt which will move you closer to your black belt. That is progress not perfection. While others are complaining, we’re climbing towards our goals.
  • Got it? Good! Let’s get to work!.

teach/review C1 & C2, Round Kick and Sidekick

Minute 1-15 life skills, foundation skills & Warmup series

15 – 30 Teaching/Review

30 – 40 Drills & Skills


GamePlank Hockey

Class 2

Life lesson 2

Getting Bopped in the Nose!

What Do You Value in Life?

  • Nothing worth having in life comes easy. That’s why most people quit when the going gets rough. Not us.
  • Sometimes you have to get bopped in the nose to remember to put your guard up.
  • We don’t quit. We learn.
  • Remember! Progress over perfection!
  • Got it? Good! Let’s get to work!

1 – 15 Life Skills, Foundation Skills & 5-Min

15 – 30 Teaching/Review

30 – 40 Drills & Skills

40 – 45 Cool Down or Game

GameBump Sumo

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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