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Managing Reviews

Your Reputation is what Google says it is.

How to Generate Good Reviews

Where To Seek Reviews

When you are asking for reviews, it is best to have three options two where the user will need to login and one where they can post and not login. The best places for reviews are:

Your client’s website

How to Get Reviews

First of all, you need to be posting reviews for your students that have local businesses. This will encourage your students to do the same. 

Ask – people won’t usually think about giving a review unless you ask them. Have a plan for asking customers and friends for reviews.

Email Request 1 for Reviews

The best time to ask for a review is immediately after a student joins or advances in rank. Create an email to be sent to each new student.

Example 1

The team at Our School Name would like to thank you for choosing us. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality martial arts experience in the Tampa Bay area.

We appreciate your feedback and we’d like to enlist your help in spreading the word about our school. Below are three links to various places on the internet where you can post a review. Please select just one of these links and write a review for our team.

Google Review note: you need to have a gmail account and be logged in to create a review


Our Website

Your feedback is important, so please reply to this email with any suggestions or questions you have regarding your recent project.

Warm regards,

Ask – people won’t usually think about giving a review unless you ask them. Have a plan for asking students and friends for reviews.

Email Request 2 for Reviews

Example 2

Your feedback is very important to us and will be used to improve our school. Please take a few minutes to post a review of your experience with Empower Kickboxing on one of the websites below. (Note: please call me if you were not satisfied with our school before you post a negative review.)

Google Review

  1. Log into your gmail account
  2. TypeEmpower Kickboxing in the Google browser.
  3. You will see our Google listing on the right. Scroll down and click on

    Write A Review


  1. Search John Graden -Empower Kickboxing
  2. Click on Review to the left
  3. Write a review

Our Website

  1. Respond to this email with your review
  2. We will post to our website under Testimonials

Thank you so much for your help.

Plugin for Reviews

If your website uses WordPress, you can install WP Customer Reviews to make it easy for students to leave reviews.

How to Handle Bad Reviews

Resolving Bad Reviews

Always respond to reviews whether they are good or bad.

  1. Contact the person if possible to try and resolve the reason for the bad review
  2. Respond to the review and give a way for the person to contact you to resolve the issue
  3. Get more good reviews


If the problem was resolved, ask the person to remove the bad review.

Online Review Case Study

This is not martial arts related but it’s a great story.

How I Removed a Bad Review (YES! – removed it, not just pushed it down)

This is Jeanne. I have owned a telecommunications company for over 25 years here in Myrtle Beach, SC. Almost all my business has come from word-of-mouth in the past few years and therefore, I didn’t pay much attention to my Google listing. (Shame on me!)

Recently, I was testing out a new Review system, so I was using my own business for a testing ground. I had very few reviews (because I hadn’t asked for any), but then I noticed this: (see screenshot).

At the bottom of a Google listing, there are “snippets” that Google selects from your Reviews to show. Look at the last one:

When I clicked on the actual review, it was made in 2013. What in the world could this guy have been thinking? “Not Located Anymore” – Seriously!???! I’ve been in the same place for 25 years. And I didn’t recognize his name. On top of this, he gave me a 1-star Review, dragging down my overall rating (the others were 5-star).

So…I knew I had to deal with it. I learned this technique.

1. Get someone to post a 5-star review USING THE EXACT WORDING OF THE BAD REVIEW.

This might require a bit of creativity, especially if it’s longer than this one. 2. So, this is what I came up with:

So, you see the bad review said, “Not located anymore.”
And the good review uses the exact same words in a sentence.

It took a little more than 24 hours, and not only was the snippet including only the 5-star reviews, but the bad review was completely gone!

Reporting a Bad Review

You can contact Google and reported that bad review as Inappropriate.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and select “contact us”
  3. Select “customer reviews and photos,” and then “manage customer reviews
  4. Choose to receive help via phone, web chat, or email.

how to monitor your reputation

Using Google Alerts

Go to

3. Enter your school and instructor’s names.

1. Go to

2. Type your school names

3. ClickSearch

The name of the social media platform will be dimmed out if there is already an account with your name.