Why risk your life savings in a franchise when you can license a successful system for less than 1% of the cost? How does that make any sense?

Premier Martial Arts Franchise cost ranges from:

 $183,650 – $421,800

Source: premiermartialartsfranchise.com/investment


Empower Kickboxing® license fee at:

$149 a month or $1,485 annually

IMPORTANT MATH: The $183k PMA cost equals 124 years of Empower Kickboxing fees.

Empower Kickboxing® is just $149 a month and includes a custom website! That is one student’s tuition per month. 

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“I recommend Empower Kickboxing to anyone who wants to improve their school. It includes a modern martial arts curriculum, teaching instruction, business systems, website, social media promotions, and more. Everything you need to run a modern martial arts school in one complete program. It has improved my school tremendously.”
Don Martinez

Owner, Victory Martial Arts Academy

“My students totally love the Empower Kickboxing Curriculum! I love it too! Your simplified business model is really working for me and I look forward to many more years of working with you!”
Brown’s Karate Studio
Angleton, TX
Brock Brown

Owner, Brown’s Karate Studio

Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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