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Scheduling Ideas



Though every school is different, everyone has to have a schedule and most owners would rather manage and/or teach fewer classes than more classes provided the quality of instruction and the number of students and tuition is not reduced.

EKB is designed from the ground up to allow students of any rank participate, grow, and enjoy any class regardless of the range of rank. A white belt can take classes with black belts and both will feel challenged and progressing. 

Just because one student has just learned a skill that another student has been doing for years doesn’t mean that beginner will be left behind or the advanced student will be bored. They will each be executing and focusing on the skill from different perspective and experience.

Our goal is advanced “proficiency” not advanced techniques. Some modules may have advanced techniques but they are never required. They are more for expanding the student’s knowledge and provide them with an athletic challenge than to earn rank.

Here are some schedule ideas for you to consider.

Empower Kickboxing Sample Schedule 

                         Mon                          Tues                   Wed                      Thur                      Fri                    Sat

5 – 5:50         Kids 4 – 7                 Kids 8 – 12           Kids 4 – 7              Kids 8 – 12          All Kids         9am Privates

6 – 6:50         Adults 12+              Family 8+             Adults 12+            Family 8+          Sparring         10am Sparring


You can welcome larger, more mature kids into the adults classes.




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