Module 4-Week 1
Kids’ Self-Defense

Week 1-Class 1

 Self-Defense Discussion

  1. What is Self-Defense?
  2. Self-Defense may be necessary when someone makes you:
  3. Uncomfortable
  4. Afraid, fearful
  5. Uneasy, creepy
  6. Threatened


  1. Ready Stance
  2. Distance Control
  3. How to Push


(Emphasize this is not a sport it’s survival.)
  • Form two lines facing each other. Each side does a wrist grab. One line then shifts one person
    to the right. Escape. Repeat.


  1. The Grind Kids

Scenario-Abduction Prevention

  1. Overview and Low Anchor
  2. High Anchor

    Week 1-CLASS 2

    1-Class 2

    Self-Defense Discussion

    3 Types of Bad Guy


    Kids’ Grind 


    (They will know these but emphasize this is not a sport it’s survival.)

    1. Strikes Overview
    2. Hammer Fist
    3. Knee Strike
    4. Elbow Strikes
    5. Low and High Anchors


    Thumb Strike


      1. Wrist Escape
      2. Kids Kidnapping setup
      3. Kid’s Kidnapping 2

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