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If a small fire started in your living room, would you wait to put it out? 

Would you sit on your couch until the fire got bigger?

Bullying is just like that fire. If you don’t put it out, it will grow and consume your family.

Our Law Enforcement-Based Anti-Bullying System Covers All Bases Like an Investigation

You’ll discover how to create evidence logs of bullying at school or anywhere. You learn how to create a chain of custody, and how to keep your children out of Shark Infested Waters (Places and times when bullying is most likely to occur.)

We Shift Control to Parents So They Know What to Do About Bullying

More often than not, parents feel powerless to help their child stop a bully. They are either busy at work or simply don’t have the experience or resources to help. This program gives you that resource. We show parents how to take control of a bullying situation. 

This is a Step-by-Step, Easy to Follow Stop a Bully Program

We provide you with letter templates, scripts, and strategies so you never have to face the bully’s parents or school authorities. We show you what to do and how to do it with our pre-written forms and letters.

Three Quick Questions for You

1. Are you or your child the victim of bullying?

2. Are you tired of empty promises from school officials to “do something” and never do anything?

3. Are you looking for a proven solution to bring your bullying nightmare to a quick end?

If you answered yes, enroll in our How to Stop Bullying Workshop now.

Media Release

New Workshop Shows Families How to Stop Bullying Without Violence or Confrontation

New Anti-Bullying Program Debunks Bully Proofing Myths

Tampa Bay, FL — With 1-in-5 kids admitting to being bullied, bullying is a major problem that is not going away.

A new workshop How to Stop Bullying offers a proven system for families to deal with bullying. 

Although the instructor, YOUR NAME, is an acclaimed martial artist, the workshop is not based on using martial arts to thwart a bully. Instead, LAST NAME lays out a plan for families to prepare for bullying long before it happens. 

According to LAST NAME  “The key is to get the entire family on the same page about bullying before it happens. Too often, when a child tells his or her parents about being bullied, the parent has no idea what to do about it other than contact the teacher which has spotty results at best.”

LAST NAME’s system starts with an annual family meeting that provides clear steps to take if and when a child is bullied. The workshop shows you step-by-step how to conduct the meeting and what to include.

It also outlines what steps to take to contact the school officials, attorneys, and how to get the police to visit the bullies’ home and interview the bully and his or her parents. 

LAST NAME says, “The beauty of this system is that the parents of the victim never have to confront the bully’s parents. The workshop shows you how to take advantage of free legal processes that are already available without violence or confrontation. We provide the scripts for phone calls and templates for certified letters that will get attention and action.”

YOUR NAME is a popular speaker on many topics, including self-defense and anti-bullying.


Sound Bites

Sound Bites-Stop Any Bully Program

Learn these sound bites so you can clearly describe your seminar and why families need to attend and sponsors need to pay you to teach these seminars.

These can be modified for print and verbal delivery.

The Danger of Bad Advice on Bullying

How to Describe Bullying

If a small fire started in your living room, would you wait to put it out?  Would you sit on your couch until the fire got bigger? Bullying is just like that fire. If you don’t put it out, it will grow and consume your family.”

Fill in the blank. 

“If your kids were bullied today, they would ____________. 

For most parents, the answer is “not tell me” because 77% of kids don’t report bullying. 

Give your family a plan for bullying before it begins.”

Have you discussed how to deal with bullies with your family? 



“Waiting until it happens means you may never know until it’s too late.”

If your child was bullied today, would he or she know what to do? What would you do? 

Mom says, “Ignore him.” Dad says, “Hit him.” 

The school says, “You’re both in trouble!”

No wonder 77% of kids don’t report bullying.

“Get your family on the same page on bullying before it starts.”

How to Get Sponsored

While promoting free seminars can be good for creating awareness and traffic, it’s even better if you can get paid for it.

Here is an example of how I got a local non-profit to sponsor a COBRA-Defense Children’s Abduction Prevention (CAP) seminar that I taught at James Theros’ Level 10 Martial Arts in Palm Harbor, FL.

I’m not including the names of the contact and non-profit.

Five days out from the seminar, I received a letter in the mail from a local non-profit organization. I went to their website and submitted this email on Monday for a Saturday seminar. 

Email 1- From Me to Them

Subject: Letter from JSP re: Anti-Bully and Child Abduction Prevention Workshop

Hi Mike,

I received a letter today from you guys with an insert for the Non-Profit. That is commendable. 

I am looking for an organization that would partner with me to teach families how to deal with bullies and how to prevent child abduction.

The idea is simple. 

  1. I set a date for a 2 hour Anti-Bully and Child Abduction Prevention Workshop seminar. 
  2. The company agrees to purchase 50 tickets @$20 each. The company and I promote the event to our platforms. I also promote it to the Tampa Bay media. 

For $1,000, the company enjoys the goodwill of providing invaluable training for Tampa Bay families and whatever additional business the exposure brings.

I am teaching one this Saturday at 9am in Palm Harbor. If you’d like to bring your family, just let me know. You can find out about the event here. 

Anti-Bully and Child Abduction Prevention Workshop


 John Graden

Executive Director

Email 2-Their response

Hi John,

The Non-Profit is fundraising to assist the less fortunate in our community such as house repairs, providing food, hygiene products to the homeless, and so forth. Your endeavor is also commendable. At this time we would like to donate funds for 5 tickets hoping this will help you reach your goal. If you know of anyone who may need our services please send them our way and also if you know of people that would like to donate to our cause have them reach out to me.

Email 3-My response

Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2019 11:00 AM

To: Michael T

Subject: RE: Letter from JSP re: Anti-Bully and Child Abduction Prevention Workshop

Good morning Mike,

Thanks so much for your response and donation. I think I know the perfect family for your 5 ticket donation.

I can also help with the Non-Profit with social media, press releases, etc…

Email 4-Their response

Hi John,

I just talked to my partner and we will go 10 tickets now, let me know how to get you the funds. Credit Non-Profit and thanks for any media coverage.

The week after the event, they sent me a check for $290. Not bad for a couple of emails.

This kind of sponsorship really has no limits in size or scope. Have you had events sponsored? Would you like to learn more about this? Just comment below.

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