Structuring Renewal Programs 2

Structuring Renewal Programs 2

Here is how to qualify and recommend your students for the Black Belt Club (BBC) or a higher-level program. The best schools don’t allow students to join, they make them qualify.

You’d like all of your students to be qualified by their six months of training. Most will be ready by the fifth or sixth month although some will be ready sooner or much later.

To get recommended or qualify, your students must first know what is expected.

Here is an example of the information we communicated to my students about qualifying for BBC:

Who can qualify for the Black Belt Club?

To qualify a student must be a gold belt or above and have their instructor’s approval.

How do I get recommended?

To qualify for advanced training, you must:

1. Have set a goal of black belt.
2. Have regular belt exam participation.
3. Super attitude in karate, school/work and at home.
4. Demonstrate the qualities of black belt life skills in and out of the school. 5. Have a high level of enthusiasm for karate class.
6. For students in school, a good report card on conduct and attitude from parents and teachers.
7. Support school functions.
8. Have good attendance and eagerness to make up absences.
9. Be current with tuition payments.
10. Have full support of family.

You can use this list of qualifications when you have a renewal conference or if you’re just checking in with the student to see how it’s going and want to discuss BBC as one of their future goals.

When you recommend a student for your BBC, only recommend the “A-rated” students as discussed in a previous lesson. You also should be confident that they qualify on all 10 items from the list above.

To add prestige to your upgrade program, only allow a certain number of students to be recommended each month. 10 is a great number to use. If you are just launching a BBC, then qualify your most advanced students first.

Recommend Students in Front of their Class

When you have a student that you feel has qualified to be in the BBC, recommend them in front of their class or at a public event so that they get recognition.

Explain briefly why you’re recommending them and “Dr. Hoffmann” them- that is build them up as to why they deserve it.

Customize a special certificate that announces that they are being recommended for the BBC that already has their name filled out on it.

After the class get with the student or their parent and schedule a time to go over what the BBC is and what it includes.

Even if the student doesn’t join at this point, first, they know they were thought of as a good student; second, if they’re not ready, you’ll find out why and take steps to get them ready prior to the expiration of their program.

Action Steps: What to do now

1. Compare your BBC or upgrade program qualification requirements and the ten-item list found in this lesson. Update your program qualifications to make improvements.

2. Review your process for notifying students that they’re eligible for the BBC or an upgrade. Decide what improvements you can make and implement them.


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