Structuring Renewal Programs 2

Structuring Renewal Programs 2

Now that you have your renewal or BBC program benefits and tuition structure created, and know how many students you’ll recommend each month for the program, let’s discuss how to promote your program and make it visible to the students.

If you’re just starting a BBC, or working to improve the one you already have, it will be important to promote the heck out of it.

You can do this through avenues like:

  • Class announcements

  • Promotional posters and flyers

  • Demos of what’s done in BBC

  • Guest pass to attend a BBC event

  • Posts on your social network site

  • Including info on your website

  • Photo galleries of BBC events in action on the web and in school

  • Belt Promotions

    Make it your mission to make sure that everyone in the school understands what the BBC is and why is should be their goal to get recommended for it as well as the more advanced training they can receive.

    Use the list of promotional avenues from above and add more ways that you can make your club more visible and desirable.

    Students that know what the BBC is, how to qualify, and what the benefits are, will almost all want to qualify. Remember to let them know that qualifying is NOT based on talent and skill, but dedication and desire to learn because that’s what it takes.

    In addition to making the BBC visible, you can let select students try it by awarding them a special pass good for a BBC class or workout session. Or you can invite them to come and watch from the sidelines-both work well.

    This way they can see firsthand what some of the things are that the BBC gets to do.

    If your BBC does weapons training, board breaking, musical forms, etc; and your regular classes do not take a few minutes in regular class once in a while to teach BBC curriculum to everyone to further promote it.

    As funny as it sounds, some of my past students really wanted to get to wear the special uniform, patch, and belt to show the results of their hard work.

One of the things I use to point out to BBC candidates is that “When you’re wearing your BBC uniform, patch and belt, everyone knows that you’ve committed to earning your black belt. When everyone knows that you’ve set this goal, your instructors and classmates will give you an extra push, plus, since you’ve said you’re going to achieve it out loud, you’re more apt to do just that.”

Some will be focused on getting to attend the special classes and others will like the prestigious uniform, belt and patch privilege. And that’s okay as long as they’re dedicated to training hard, and understand they must still earn their Black Belts.

Action Steps: What to do now

1. Make a list of at least eight ways that you’re going to promote or make your BBC more visible. Begin implementing them right away.

2. Refer to for extra ideas and information on improving your renewal program by searching for BBC on the site.

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