Student Audit Journal

Student Audit Journal

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A huge part of school growth is to create and keep students to make sure that you have consistent tuition coming in so that you’re financially healthy, stable and so that the school can serve the students for years to come.

With the Student Program Audit Journal, we’re going to make sure that your current students have current memberships and are paying them.

We’ll also make sure students have signed the appropriate enrollment paperwork including an injury waiver or hold harmless agreement. To help you double-check this, you will perform a “student program audit”.

The first few times you do a student audit, it is like found money. You will be amazed at how much important paperwork may be missing and stunned at how many students are training who have expired or have no record of payments.

The first time I did an audit with a staff member, we literally found several thousand dollars we were owed and were able to collect it.

What is the Student Program Audit Journal?

The Student Program Audit Journal (SPJA) is a tool to help you track how each person is to be making their tuition payments, who is responsible for making the payments and to make sure that they’ve completed all enrollment paperwork that you require-such as a hold harmless agreement.

The (SPJA) is a single sheet of paper with 3 columns and 11 rows or you could create a spreadsheet.

The columns are for a student’s first, second, and third programs within a school. Typically, these are New Student, Black Belt Club, and Master’s Club, but any program will work.

The first six rows are the various payment options a student might use in your school.

The next two are the start and end dates for the program, which are followed by a checkmark to make sure the Party Responsible for Paying is noted in the agreement and that the injury waiver has been signed.

In the area for Inspection Date and Commentsyou may want to include the amount of monthly tuition that they should be paying or details on any special arrangements to make it easier to use the form for a financial audit.

How to Use the Student Program Audit Journal?

Your job is to audit every student’s file to make sure you have each of these important items listed on the (SPJA) in the student’s hardcopy folder.

Staple one Student Program Audit Journal to the outside of each student file.

It would be a good idea to implement this form of double-checking for all of your newly written memberships to make a future audit a piece of cake.

Now that you’ve completed this step, you are well aware of who has a current program, how they are to be paying, who may have an expired membership, and who may be missing important documents from their files and can take appropriate action.

Move on to the Action Steps that follow…

The Student Audit Action List

1. Open the Student Program Audit Journal.

2. Make enough copies for all of your students’ hardcopy files.

3. Check each of your students files for program start and finish dates, payment methods, responsible parties, etc; as this lesson suggests.

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