Tongue fu verbal defense

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Sam Horn is a Word Craft Master

This is an area where you can stand out personally and professionally. Here a just a few of her alliterative language patterns which connect words by similar sounds. This makes them easy to remember.

When you listen to her speak, notice how often her comparisons have a “ring” to them. “Cooperation over Conflict” is an example of alliterative use.

Also, a clever use of words that sound alike, but are not related is another way to make what you say memorable.

Tongue Fu is a great example. As is her book titles, Take the Bully by the Horns and Talking on Eggshells.

As instructors, “well-crafted anchor words and phrases” make what we teach easier to understand and recall. As she teaches Tongue Fu, listen for examples of the alliterative structure and work them into your vocabulary. 

We’ll be adding more verbal defense to our Rapid Confidence Course.

Here are three courses Sam offers:

Tongue Fu!® I

Tongue Fu!® II

Tongue Fu!® Full Course

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