Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

This is a simple strategy that you will want to make part of your enrollment system to help grow your school.

At the conclusion of the enrollment conference after your new student has joined the school, pull out one of the MATA Gift Certificates you’ve customized and follow this script:

“Over the years we’ve been teaching new students, we’ve found that students enjoy the school, even more, when they have one of their friends in class with them.”

“This gift certificate is worth $100. Would you please give it to one of Johnny’s friends so he can have a training partner in class?”

“The certificate is for one month of training and includes a uniform so it’s a really nice gift. If you like, I’ll even call his friend for you. Is there a friend of Johnny’s that might enjoy taking classes with him?”

Follow this strategy and your white belt class will get large with new students.

Bring these referrals through your trial lesson program and attempt to enroll them in the first week. Offer to knock the $100 Gift Certificate value off of their registration if they enroll in the first week.

You can even make a tiered discount program at $75 off in the second week, $50 off in the third week and $25 off in the fourth week.

In addition, it’s a nice perk for someone who just enrolled in your school- that is the ability to give someone a $100.00 gift for training and a great way to double your enrollment efforts at virtually no additional cost.

Each time you issue a gift certificate be sure and put the giver’s name on it so you can track who referred the certificate redeemer.

You will find a variety of different gift certificates on the http://www.martialartsteachers.com website. There are certificates for kickboxing, grappling, tkd, kung-fu and more that offer a variety of choices for duration of program and price value.

Since you will be customizing the certificates with your logo, contact information and expiration date before printing them, you can save copies on your computer in a JPG format.

This allows you to have the flexibility to email the image to your new members and to prompt them to send them to their selected friends or even post them on their social networking accounts.

If you go this route, let them know to tell their friends that the first three people that redeem it and mention the giver’s name will get the offer. This helps create a sense of urgency to take action right away.


Action Steps: What to do now

1. Visit Martial Arts Teachers and select one or more gift certificates to download and customize.

2. Get your gift certificates printed, and organize them in your enrollment area for easy access and begin your referral promotion right away.

3. Contact the students who enrolled in the last two months and offer them a gift certificate for their friends and family.

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