Savate-Cut Kick Drill
Savate-Ax Kick
Savate-Ax Kick-Round Kick Drill
Savate–Ax Kick-Round Kick V1
Savate: Drop Round Kick–Side Kick
Savate: Instep Kick–Double Round Kick
Savate: Instep Kick - Sidekick
Savate: Low Side Kick–Round Kick-Exchange


Ninjitsu is not always the most practical or useful style. However, it is interesting and works more on an entertainment level.

Ninjitsu-What is Ninjitsu?
What Makes Ninjitsu Different?
Ninjitsu-Close Quarters Combat
Ninjitsu Short Wood Sword
Ninjitsu-Shoulder Dislocation
Ninjitsu: Counter Punching Techniques


Counter Sweeps
Spinning Sweep
Supporting Leg Sweep
Set Up Sweep
Foot Tap Trip
Jeet Kune Do: Block & Strike
Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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