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How to Grow Your Martial Arts School
in the COVID era.

When running a martial arts school, there is only one way to survive in the COVID era. You must deliver more value to your martial arts students.

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Why The Greatest Karate Fighter Quit Traditional Karate

Why Joe Lewis Quit Traditional Karate

This 3:30 sec anthology shows rare footage of Joe Lewis doing kata right after getting out of the marines. You’ll also learn the real reason he abandoned traditional karate.

Curriculum Padding

Traditional Martial Arts Creates Complexity

This is a stark look at how traditional martial arts pads the curriculum and skills. Instructors like this teach a foolish method as part of the promise that “when you train for a few more years, you’ll understand this.”


Batsai Bunkai Debunked

Smoke and Mirrors of Traditional Karate

Traditional karate followers insist that the “secrets” to karate are hidden in the kata.

The breakdown of kata is called bunkai. Bunkai analyzes kata and extracts “fighting techniques” from the movements of a “form.”

If you ever needed any evidence to see that traditional martial arts is all smoke and mirrors, bunkai will provide it.

Karate Contradictions

Traditional Karate Teaches Students to:

  1. Chin up instead of chin down which is safer.
  2. Pull the non-punching hand back to the hip instead of the face.
  3. Hold a punch out in the air frozen rather than snapping it back to guard.
  4. Hold a deep stance to anchor yourself to the earth rather than keeping your legs under you so you have mobility.
  5. Aim at the target with your opposite hand before you step through and punch. Aiming a punch makes no sense at all.
  6. Square your shoulders to your opponent rather than turning sideways to protect your center line.
  7. Keep your head at the same level rather than moving it. Obviously, a still head is an easier target than a moving head.
  8. Block with power to injure the attackers’ strike. Blocks never need power. They just need to protect the target rather than reaching out to strike the opponent’s arm or leg.

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