Empower Kickboxing™ is a complete white to black belt martial arts curriculum.

Empower Kickboxing Lesson Plan

Each class segment is demonstrated on video.

Each class has self-defense, warmup, skills to teach and skills to drill.

Plan has two classes in the Martial Arts Module.

All ranks can do these skills.

You’re welcome to try it out in your school.

Just because you were raised in a certain martial arts style doesn’t mean you have to teach that style. I was raised in the Tex Kwon Do version of Tae Kwon Do. When I opened my school, I taught the TKD that I was taught. After a few years of that, I started to realize that I was contradicting myself every class.

In the first half of class, we would practice basic blocks and kata. So my instructions to the class were to:

1. Aim your punch.

2. Hold your punch out.

3. Pull your hand back to your hip.

4. Square your shoulders to your opponent.

5. Keep your chin up.

6. Create power in your blocks by crossing your arms first.

7. Spread your legs to get into a deeper stance and become one with the earth. 

Then, in the second half of class we’d do pad work and spar. My instructions were total opposite of the first half.

1. Never telegraph your punch by aiming.

2. Never hold a punch out. Snap it back to guard.

3. Pull your hand back to your face not your hip.

4. Never square off to your opponent. Turn sideways to protect your centerline.

5. Tuck your chin down and raise your shoulders up.

6. Never reach with a block. Keep your arms close to cover your targets.

7. Keep your legs under you so you can move easily in each direction.

Once I replaced the traditional blocks, forms, and punching, my retention improved and my quality of student did as well since the instructions made more sense and were much easier to learn. 

Each skill and segment of each class is demonstrated for you on video. This makes teaching Empower Kickboxing easy for you and your instructors.

This is especially helpful if you have multiple instructors and/or locations. The instructions on the videos are a big help for curriculum consistency.

Empower Kickboxing ONLY teaches the easiest to learn and most effective skills. 

There are NO advanced techniques. Only advanced applications of the Foundation Skills.

This way, all ranks can be in the same class.

A black belt and a white belt can do doing the same skills, just on different levels. The black belt is tweaking while the white belt is trying to get the mechanics down.

They are both mentally engaged.

Martial Arts Curriculum
Designed by John Graden
Inspired by Joe Lewis


Joe Lewis was twice named as the Greatest Karate Fighter in History.

My brothers and I are the only three siblings who are World Champion Kickboxers.

I was promoted to 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th-degree black belt by Joe Lewis.

I produced the Joe Lewis Elite Private Lessons and other DVD series for Joe Lewis.

That system is the core of Empower Kickboxing™.

Members will have access to a virtual Joe Lewis University in stand-alone sections and lesson plans.

kickboxing champion joe lewis teaching life skill

Martial Arts Stripe Testing & Belt Progress

Students join martial arts schools to learn self-defense, self-confidence, self-discipline and cool martial arts skills.

They do NOT enroll to learn complex KATA and theory-based self-defense,  all wrapped up in Eastern rituals, history, and language with an unnecessarily long-term, padded curriculum.

Students can learn discipline and respect without wearing the Asian Gi. In fact, most would rather not wear the gi.

Empower Kickboxing reflects the look and feel that students today are most comfortable and enthusiastic about.

Optimized Martial Arts School Website

Each Empower Kickboxing member gets a free-standing highly optimized web  to drive leads to your school.

Online Marketing Suite of Tools
Group Coaching

martial arts instructor group coaching call attendees

It’s a great feeling to know that you’re not alone and you have a dedicated group of peers and a coach who are all committed to helping you grow.

Share your wins and team up to solve your challenges.

Karate Punching vs Boxing Punching
in 2-minutes

This video may be a bit old, but the concepts will always apply. Karate pushes punches and boxing snaps them. Snapping is much better.

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