Your Office Zone

Your Office Zone

Management guru Pete Drucker says that the only purpose of a business is to create new customers. If that is the case, and I believe it is, then your office is of paramount importance.

Too often, it’s a messy, dusty area with stacks of “stuff.” If this is where you are doing enrollments and upgrades you must create an atmosphere and environment that supports both your goals to create new customers and to be consistent with the professional brand you’ve been working on developing in all areas of your school.

Keep your desk clear of clutter and have all of your enrollments materials
within easy reach and organized. All of your enrollment materials should have their own specific spot so no matter who is making an enrollment presentation in the office, they’ll know exactly where all items are found.

Some of the typical items needed on hand include: pens, hold harmless or injury waiver, new student information form, a program presentation book or sheet, EFT forms, membership agreements, a school policy checklist and gift certificates to give friends for training.

In addition, I suggest that you already have as many of any forms filled out as possible to move things along.

Besides having a clean, organized desk for enrollments, watch your décor, what you post on the walls and have in the office. The office paint should look fresh and clean and the floor should be kept spotless.

We suggest that you do NOT post flags of foreign countries or weapons in the office.

I recall doing a consultation with a particular school. In the office, prominently displayed on the wall behind the owner’s desk chair were various bladed weapons and a foreign flag.

He told me he had a hard time enrolling children. I said I could see why. What mother wants to enroll her child into a school that displays menacing weapons? We want an office to be warm, inviting, and most of all; not intimidating.

Have photos of your family instead of a shot of you breaking flaming bricks. Have comfortable office-quality chairs for your prospects to sit in.

Sales psychology says that presentations are best made side-by-side with a prospect rather than over a desk, so you may consider getting a round table to make presentations with.

At the end of your enrollment presentation, be sure you have nice MATA quality gift certificates handy to present to students to give their friends and that the artwork in your office is motivational and uplifting.

You want your potential student to feel as though he or she is joining an upbeat, professional positive organization.

Action Steps: What to do now

1. Evaluate your office to see if it needs to be painted, have new furniture, deep cleaning, or to have clutter removed and take action.

2. Next, remove anything that is not related to enrolling, renewing or complimenting the image and brand you want to portray.

3. Organize enrollment and renewal paperwork for easy access.

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