Back To School Marketing

Back To School Marketing

Parents are more motivated to enroll their children in to a good martial arts school during the Back to School time frame than any other. This is typically the busiest time of year, so let’s prepare for it. 

Plan your campaign to launch three weeks before and end three weeks after the school year has begun.

Think of the 4th of July as your launch date to start your Back to School planning every year. 

Create a Back to School Special Offer and stick with it throughout the campaign. 

A two-week trial for $29.99 is an easy choice for parents.

This is typically the busiest time of year, so let’s prepare for it. 

Below this video are links to specific Back to School marketing.

Click on each strategy to get more info.

kickboxing champion joe lewis teaching life skill

Open House

The goal is to get as many qualified prospects into your school, participate in some classes and see the value and of course, offer some type of special.

usf self defense class

School Talks

Watch John Graden present a School Talk to a second grade class.

how to stop bullying book

Self-Defense Classes

The ideal seminar to offer is a free Back to School Anti-Bully seminar.

kickboxing champion joe lewis teaching life skill

Life Lessons For Back to School

Starting in August or so, make sure you’re focusing your life skill messages on how to have a successful school year.

back to school marketing

Stump Speeches

If you really want to become well known in your area, you can’t hide in your school and complain that no one has discovered you. You have to get out and hustle.

jackson martial arts curriculum group of people

Associate Marketing

Look for local businesses that serve the same market. For instance, you approach a local pizza parlor with the offer paying for the printing of their menus in exchange for a presence on the menu.

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