Lesson Plans

One Semester is 4 Modules with 4 Weeks each.

One Module is 4 Weeks with 2 Classes per Week.

Semesters do NOT have to be taught sequentially.

Empower Kickboxing does not have a yearly curriculum. It’s a Module-Centric curriculum. This means you can start at any module at any time.

The Foundation Skills are the key. Once a student can execute these skills, they can do anything in any module

The Foundation Skills

#1 Jab#1 #1 & 2Front
#2 Cross#2 #3 & 4Back
#3 Hook#3#5 & 6Side
#4 Uppercut#4#7 & 8Round
#5#9 & 10Spin Back
Suggested Class Structure

Suggest Class Structure

1. Self-Defense or Footwork

2. Warmup

3. Teaching/Reviewing Skills

4. Drills

5. Cool Down (adults and teens)



Curriculum Segments

Curriculum Segments

One Year = Three Semesters

Semester = Four 4-Week Modules

Module = Four weeks

Week = First Class – Second Class


Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule

Classes are designed for 50-minutes. There is no need for separate classes by rank. All ranks can be in the same class.

Ending 10-minutes before the next class gives you time to take care of business.

4pm – 4:50 Kids 6 – 12

5pm – 5:50 Teens and Adults

6pm – 6:50 Family

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