The Management Master Plan


Marketing to Formers students

This lesson will show you a system for remotivating old students into rejoining your school. Working to get rejoins is usually a cost-free process.

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“Bring a Friend” Event

One of the easiest ways to get new students is to host a “bring a friend” event in your school. The event is simply what it sounds like: a chance for a current student to bring a friend or family member in to train with them.

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Media Marketing

Your website is a major part of your identity to the media. The first place a reporter or producer will look to find an expert or to research you is your website.

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How to Pitch the Media

Your ability to create and maintain a position as the “go-to guy or girl” for anything related to martial arts and self-defense is one of the most powerful marketing assets you’ll have.

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How to get into Local Schools

Getting involved in the school system is a great way to reach just about every kid in your area. Here are 12 ways for you to get into your local school system.

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Professional Marketing Materials

Just because you can design a flyer with you PC or MAC doesn’t mean you should. You have to be conscious of both a good use of your personal time as well as of the design quality.

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Speeches & Sound Bites

Take full advantage of the unique opportunity you have as a black belt expert to get in front of audiences and spread the good word about your school and what you teach.

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Your Student Value

To make a smart marketing decision, you MUST know is how much is a new student worth to your school. This is a critical calculation that will give you your budget for marketing.

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Marketing Reports

Track your free and paid online ads is with your GenerateMoreStudents.com account that’s included in your membership. You must know your numbers to set a budget for leads.

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YouTube to Promote Your School

Martial arts is so visual that it would be foolish not to have a channel to market your school. Millions of people use it to research before they buy each day.

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Seven Ways to Get More Referrals

Referrals are prequalified leads because they usually get all the information that’s important to them in advance from their friend or family member that told them about the school.

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Low-Cost Marketing

Here are some ideas for different low-cost promotions that can help you achieve the number of leads that you need to hit your enrollment goals.

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