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Important questions for martial arts school owners

I’ve been working with martial arts school owners and instructors since 1993.

Regardless of the decade, there is a predictable pattern for schools that end up like this. Closed forever.

Are you following that pattern?

let's learn about you

Did you do research to find out what would be the best martial art for you or did you just join the school that was closest and/or cheapest or your friend attended?

An Empty Cup

I chose my school only because they let me clean the school for lessons. I was completly immersed from class one.

I bet you were too.

The Influence of Black Belt

My instructors. What they taught me about karate became my belief system for martial arts. After all, they were black belts.

Sound familiar?

Just the facts

Did you accept, without question, that what your instructor taught was fact?

I certainly did.

highest form of flattery

Do you feel an obligation to your instructors to teach the same curriculum that they taught you?

I did.


Were you directly or indirectly taught that a school that makes a lot of money must be a McDojo?

Unless they did it our way, they must just be in it for the money.

Where You Are Today

As a martial arts instructor are you treading water while still teaching 3-6 classes each night?

How much longer can you keep this up?

What is the end goal?

Do you want to retire comfortably sooner rather than later?

Less work. More Income.

Do you want a school that is easier to manage with fewer classes, more income and higher retention?

the market has changed

Have you noticed that the adult market see martial arts as a kids activity?

Teens see it as dorky

While they may want the benefits of martial arts today’s teen is not going to wear the full karate uniform or have to do the many skills that look weird.

why go there?

Have you noticed that kids are easily bored with complex kata and traditional blocks, punches, and deep stances?

Where Do You Want To Be?

Imagine that you only have  or two classes a night to teach with better student retention and higher income.

What difference would that make in your life?

Thank you for waking me up

“Thank you for waking me up to this concept! Love the material that is included in the Empower Kickboxing curriculum and I am using it daily.”

— Brock Brown Brown’s Karate Studio Angleton, TX

How Does it work?

Empower Kickboxing is a full white to black belt curriculum that is easy to teach and easy to learn.

Lesson plans are emailed weekly to members with video demos of what to teach and how to teach it.

This puts all instructors on the same page speaking the same language. So curriculum consistency is no long an issue.

It’s on the video.

How to join

Empower Kickboxing is a full white to black belt curriculum that is easy to teach and easy to learn.

Lesson plans are emailed weekly to members with video demos of what to teach and how to teach it.

Your Empower Kickboxing™ License Includes:

Class by Class Lesson Plans

A module is 4-weeks/8-classes focused on one area.

Each Module/Week/Class has a segment by segment lesson plan with videos demonstrating each segment.

In order they are:

  1. Martial Arts
  2. Kickboxing (Joe Lewis Systems Integration)
  3. Weapons (Tadashi Yamashita Style Nunchaku with rubber chucks and/or your favorite weapon.)
  4. Self-Defense (COBRA-Defense System)

Website Branded for YOUR SCHOOL

Your website has to be consistent with your brand image and personality. That is much more effective than a website that simply looks good. 

Our websites authentically reflect your school’s location, exterior, interior,staff, and your students.

We do NOT use sterile  stock photography. Instead, we use photos of YOUR students doing what people are interested in doing at your school. LEARNING!


Your new website will be optimized for local search in your area.

Joe Lewis Integration

Empower Kickboxing is proud to include the integration of the massive video library of professionally-shot Joe Lewis Elite Private Lessons produced by Graden Communcations.

MATA Certification

MATA Membership and Certification

  1. Complete MATA Certification Course ($297 value)
  2. MATA-Pro ($37 a month value)
  3. MATA-Life-Skills ($37 a month value)


Brand Marketing

The Empower Kickboxing™ logo and brand have proven to be very attractive to the public.

With our ongoing Media Marketing PR campaigns where we optimize and place press releases on major media sites with links back our members, it’s hitting #1 on search engines.

  • Professionally Produced Promo Videos that are perfect for your social media platforms.
  • Social Marketing Templates make it brain-dead easy to stay active and professional on your social media platforms.
  • Annual Marketing Schedule helps you to plan your marketing way in advance to save time and money.
  • Media Marketing
    • Local and National Press Releases written and placed on high authority media sites with links to your site.
  • 15-mile Protected Territory.

Empower Kickboxing w/Custom Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Empower Kickboxing?

EMPOWER KICKBOXING™ is a complete martial arts curriculum designed by Joe Lewis’ protege John Graden as a program that students can MASTER FASTER!

Do I need to drop my current curriculum?

No. You may and most of you will, but you may want to simply insert various elements of EKB into your current program until you get comfortable with the program.

We’re confident most schools will transition over but we’re happy to let them do it on their time.

Is there a class I have to take to be ready to teach?

You must complete the MATA Certification Program within year one. The $297 Certification Fee is waived for Empower Kickboxing licensees.

What about rank?

While this will vary school to school and system to system, we suggest you look at the EKB ranking system for year one. You then match up the EKB ranks with your students’ ranks.

For instance, if you have an XYZ color student who has been training for six months, that would equate to a EKB High Orange or Green belt. So, rather than having to go through six two-month semesters, this student might only do three semesters and then graduate into the Intermediate Year Two EKB Program.

How should i prepare?

Start introducing the techniques to your students in class to build support and excitement. Create enthusiasm for these combinations before making changes to requirements. We will help you make the transition. In our experience, students really enjoy the combinations and see the Instant Value they bring to the class.

Can I change my school name to Empower Kickboxing™?

No. Empower Kickboxing™ is the name of the branded curriculum. Think about a camera store that sells Nikon. They advertise that they sell Nikon, but the store name is not Nikon. Empower Kickboxing™ is like that. You may be USA Karate which offers the Empower Kickboxing™ curriculum.

Do I need to leave my current organization?

That’s entirely up to you. EKB doesn’t require you to be exclusive to EKB. Mr. Graden has always had the philosophy that the freedom to learn and grow shouldn’t be restricted by politics.

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