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Just in Time for School: Anti-Bullying Expert Author to Teach Seminar in Your Town

According to Anti-Bully expert YOUR NAME, “Most families never discuss bullying until it’s too late. Many kids never report bullying to their parents and even if they do, few parents know what to do. Mom says ignore the bully. Dad says punch him in the nose, and the teachers’ are often indifferent. That’s not a plan.”

In YOUR LAST NAME’s program if a child is bullied, the plan gives the parents a step-by-step response plan that starts with building an evidence log, contacting school officials with certified letters, and even describes how to get the police to visit the bullies home and interview the parents.

Cost for the seminar is $49 per family. Registration and more information is at: 

Contact info

42 videos of John Graden and Others teaching bully seminar segments.

The first 12 videos are an Anti-Bully seminar taught by John Graden. The other 30 videos are both promotional and educational. Most are just a few minutes long.

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