The Management Master Plan

Selling Martial Arts

6 Tips to Increase Retail Revenue

You don’t need a big inventory or to spend a lot of money out of your pocket to increase your sales, you just need to be smart about how and what you promote.

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Trials: What to Teach- Part 1

What you teach in your trial lessons must be consistent with what you’ve promised. When new students see and feel the value in the training, they’ll want to continue.

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Enrollment Conference

By the time that your prospective student is ready for an enrollment conference, most possible objections will have been handled during the trial course.

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Trial Program Overview

The trial program has been a staple in the enrollment process forever. Trial programs range from a single class to a month of classes for free or a small fee.

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Trials: What to Teach- Part 2

The goal of the second lesson is to enroll the student, so it has to be powerful, so we conclude the lesson with a white belt test. This gives you a chance to future-pace the student.

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Using Gift Certificates

This is a simple strategy that you will want to make part of your enrollment system to help grow your school. When a new student enrolls, give them this gift certificate.

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Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum