The Management Master Plan



This is “old school” but it works great. Based on attendance, enthusiasm, attitude and level of effort, students are rated “A,” “B” or “C” each week in your staff meetings.

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Evaluating Your Curriculum

Your curriculum is one of the most important areas you must evaluate. It’s also sometimes one of the most painful areas to evaluate because it’s what we love.

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2-4-6 CALLS

How to treat your new students like a “fragile egg.” That is don’t drop them in the school as new students and not handle them with care any further.

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How to Launch a Leadership Team

Because you can only do so much at one time and do it well, it’s smart to build a back-up team of trained helpers to conduct certain classroom activities and do basic tasks for the school.

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How to Use Surveys

Before we start increasing your enrollments, we need to plug the holes in your school. To retain students you need to know how they feel about their classes and the services that they receive.

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Student Retention Formula

The first step toward improving your retention is to find a way to measure it. This lesson will provide you with a simple formula for you to determine your student retention.

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Structuring Renewal Programs 1

An upgrade program is designed to retain students, offer them more advanced training and perks to their memberships. It should also be a strong revenue stream.

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Structuring Renewal Programs 2

How to qualify and recommend your students for the Black Belt Club (BBC) or a higher-level program. The best schools don’t allow students to join, they make them qualify.

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Structuring Renewal Programs 3

How to promote your program and make it visible to the students. Students that know what the BBC is, how to qualify, and what the benefits are, will almost all want to qualify.

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Empower Kickboxing™ Martial Arts Curriculum
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